Laparoscopic surgeon in Hyderabad
Laparoscopic surgeon in Hyderabad

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    30 Minutes Procedure

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    30 Minutes Procedure

    No Cuts, No Stitches

    Insurance Assistance

    Free Pick & Drop Service

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    What are Piles ?

    Piles also known as Hemorrhoids, are enlarged and inflamed veins in the anal canal. 1 in 4 people have piles. You have to have been there to understand that it can get pretty painful. Fortunately, piles is also one of the easiest conditions to treat, but most people don’t know that.


    Piles usually come with such unpleasant symptoms as pain, itching, bleeding and hard lumps in the anal canal and around the anus.

    Piles Treatment

    Piles is a common medical condition. If you have been experiencing symptoms that cause you to need piles treatment, it is important that you talk to your doctor about it. Although you may not feel comfortable discussing this condition with your doctor, it is best that you do because that’s what you’re there for. There are many piles treatment options available to you and our doctor will be able to help guide you through the most suitable option for treating your condition.

    Piles Surgery

    The first option involved in piles treatment is surgery. Piles surgery can often be successful in treating this condition if it is extreme or has caused a lot of discomfort for the patient. It can be rather uncomfortable to go through but if done right the entire operation can often be done in one or two hours.

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    High end most advanced treatment provided here for all types of surgical issues in your effortable rates...100 percent support through out the journey in treatment. must visit.. Dr Bala Ganesh vedqti is the best surgeon in the city

    Best surgeon in the city

    Swarna Latha

    I had undergone a surgery during may 2022 which is been performed by Dr Bala Ganesh Vedati , during the surgery and post surgery well taken care through regular follow up and advice . I received an excellent treatment from Dr Bala Ganesh sir . I can never forget the personal attention shown towards me by doctor till I recover fully .

    Best surgeon in the city

    Jogi Srinivas Rao

    Dr. Bala Ganesh Vedati is a very good and friendly natured. He really listens patient problems with patience and provides complete guidence till the patient recovers. Highly recommended for surgery. He always tells being mentally strong is solution for many problems🙂.

    Highly recommended for surgery

    Swaroopa Allampalli

    The best doctor.he is very friendly.he is very simple and gentle in his behaviour.he will give sufficient time to each patient and he prefers surgery when it is very much required only.thank you BAL GANESH SIR🙏🏻

    The best doctor

    Shiva Ellanki

    Dr. Bala Ganesh has been very helpful even post surgery and has always answered all doubts.
    His attitude and happy nature has helped reduce anxiety during surgery as well. Thank you for all the support Doctor.

    The best Surgeon

    Harshvardhan Reddy

    Dr.bala ganesh Vedati is the best surgeon and explains very well,Understandable.The way he he deals with his patients is very friendly and polite. He explains every minute details during the surgery. He is the best doc I ever consulted

    best surgeon

    Ramana suram

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