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Dr. Bala Ganesh Vedati

Founder & Chairman

In his view, Medicines can cure diseases, but a surgeon can heal a patient. Dr Bala Ganesh Vedati is a distinguished personality who contributed his professional mastery and ardent kindness to win the heart of the patients. Unlike experienced doctors, he has sensitivity and condolence to his patient and understands their medical background. Driven by his great philosophy and extensive medical knowledge, patients always find confidence and willingness to get back to him. His prolific command over medical expertise and specialized training made him the best consultant in Hyderabad and an empathetic humanitarian. His unbiased decision and confidence over medicine overwhelm the patients and their families for the best outcome. As an orator, he has established a solid ground for motivating others in several medical and non-medical conferences.

Our Mission

To be the nation’s leading academic department of Surgery.

Our Vision

to provide the highest quality of treatment care to all people through innovation, world-class research. 

What We Do

Health care facilities focused on providing surgical care without the need for the patient to stay in the hospital overnight. Outpatient surgeries offer substantial advantages over in-patient surgery.

Our Approach

Our Doctors and staff will help put your concerns and nerves to rest the moment you walk into our clinic

Surgeon For U is a pioneering healthcare organisation with cutting-edge technology that focuses on personalising patients' entire surgical journey.







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